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About English Lass in LA

I started English Lass in LA in January 2016 a couple of months after relocating to California.  Originally, I saw this space as a place to share my experience exploring a new country but over time this blog has evolved to include my explorations trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

I grew up in a small town in England – my grandfather was a tailor, my father a chef. I was brought up to value hard work, local business, and high quality. I took after my grandfather and headed to the London College of Fashion to study handcraft tailoring. For centuries, the UK was renowned for its textiles and menswear and I wanted to preserve the tradition. After a year of study, I decided to trade school for the real world and I took a job in one of the UK’s last shirt factories and eventually moved into a management role within the company. It was during this time that I lost my way.

I took a job heading a school uniform division at TESCO, the UK’s largest corporation (akin to Wal-Mart in the US). It was an incredible career opportunity for a tailor without a university degree.  I was proud of my business’ growth and the direction of my career but realised that I had strayed from the ethic of local, high-quality, sustainable commerce. Instead, we were making clothing in dangerous working conditions in Asia, polluting the earth and putting mom-and-pop uniform stores in England out of business.

After relocating over here, I took the transatlantic move as an opportunity to reground myself in what I care about.  I’m now back at school and hope to help build sustainable communities centered around local, quality jobs in the future.  With this transition in mind, on English Lass in LA, you can now find conscious fashion decisions and one girls experience acclimatising and exploring a new country.


Please note that all views expressed on English Lass in LA are my own.  I give my honest opinion when reviewing anything, whether it’s positive or negative.  I only accept collaborations from brands and products I would use myself and the content of every post is written by myself unless I’m using a direct quote.

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