I’ve been taking a Women Studies class over the Summer and I’ve been loving it!  My professor is inspiring and doesn’t take any shit.  I’m finding that the world of ethical fashion overlaps a great deal with the spirit of feminism.  Before taking this class, I’d scrunch my nose up in response to someone identifying […]

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Water On My Mind – Brand Spotlight – FluidStance

The Physical Geography course I just completed taught me more about our world and the acute water pollution challenges that confront us. There is an island of rubbish twice the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean and 99% of seabirds have plastic in their stomachs. The news isn’t all bad – plastic straw bans […]

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You Say Sneakers. I Say Trainers – Two Years In The US

It’s been over two years since I moved to the US and I wanted to share some of my latest comparisons between English and American ways (language, culture, architecture etc). It seems like every week, I notice new ones that amuse and confound. Language Differences When I think of the language differences between your ordinary […]

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Miik Clothing – Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

I know that I highlight a lot of sustainable brands whilst simultaneously encouraging the idea that we should consume less. These ideas combined can come across as contradictory. With this in mind, I’m now trying to make sure that I only feature companies that create quality items that will last a long time. Introducing Miik […]

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Nine Ethical Christmas Gifts for Her


I’ve curated a list of sustainable gifts for “her” along with a few discount codes. The ideas listed below are pieces that I personally love or ones that I’ve had my eye on for a while. Items range in price from around $10 to $250. Large Silver Hoop Earrings – Stockholm Rose Designs – $54 […]

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Sustainable Exploring in LA – Union Station

If you’ve visited my blog before, you may know that I like exploring sustainable lifestyle alternatives and the City of Angels. Since moving here, I’ve also developed a fondness for the Spanish California Missions dotted around the State (I have 15 out of the 21 left to visit). Union Station combines these three loves of […]

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